Lush tropical villa in Miami

Multiple rooms, both interior and exterior, have been added to a non-descript, one-story home transforming it into a receiver of Miami’s tropical climate. While the effect is striking, minimal alterations by architecture firm Oppenheim Architecture + Design were made to the existing 9,000 square foot structure.

The house is entered through a 20’x30’x30′ volume where a reflecting pool and oculus align to activate the space with reflection and luminance. A large room organizes the house into private and public realms. Tremendous spaces with oversized windows overlook the pool and canal. A 60’x20’x20′ volume, at the rear of the home provides enclosure for outdoor living. A large circular column contains an outdoor shower open to the sky.

The second floor contains a secluded courtyard garden, off the master bedroom, for private activities. The project provides a flexible infrastructure for the participation and enjoyment of the pleasures of life.

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Photos: Eric Laignel

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